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Tax & Accounting Services

Individualized Tax and Accounting Support

At Johns Brothers Financial, we have the expertise to simplify complex tax issues and streamline financial reporting by providing integrated financial services with a focus on taxes. Our tailored services help individuals seeking efficient tax strategies and businesses in need of accurate financial management.

Income Tax Returns

Your tax strategy is a vital part of your overall financial plan. We will assist you in managing your tax obligations for current income and future benefits. We will oversee the preparation of your federal and state income tax returns to ensure that you are both maintaining compliance and maximizing opportunities.

Estate & Gift Tax Returns

Gift and estate tax returns are required by the IRS and many state tax boards to calculate and report taxes on significant financial transfers. These returns ensure compliance with tax laws and help individuals and families plan their financial legacies effectively. We will help build your gift and estate strategy to help execute your plans.

IRS & State Tax Audits

The support of a Johns Brothers Financial advisor will provide crucial support during an audit by leveraging our expertise in tax matters, helping you navigate the process, and ensuring that your financial interests are protected throughout the audit and any subsequent actions. Our guidance can help reduce stress and improve the likelihood of a favorable outcome.

Partnership & Corporate Returns

Whether your business operates as a corporation or partnership, you need guidance regarding tax-related issues to enhance your financial strategies. Our team of CPAs will utilize our specialized knowledge to assist you in navigating tax laws, and reducing tax liabilities, and will recommend financial choices to foster your business's prosperity.

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